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Unreliable business partner? A defaulting contractor? An employee using mobbing? If you are owners or presidents of companies, this offer for the detective office business is addressed directly to you.

More and more often you can come across articles on the Internet or in the newspaper, hear the news that the company XYZ led to the embezzlement of money or deceived customers. If you are concerned about a business partner or contractor who may do anything to not meet their obligations, it is best to report to our detective office and talk to a private investigator.

The case should be entrusted to a professional detective agency.

Our detective office will conduct a reliable and thorough economic investigation and determine the assets of a given company.

It is also important that if mobbing by subordinates or co-workers occurs in your company, you are obliged to prevent such situations. To check and confirm mobbing, it is best to choose our detective office. You will not offend employees due to the fact that detectives maintain full discretion and anonymity.

Prywatny detektyw oferta biuro detektywistyczne

With your companies in mind, we have created a special offer. Our detective office M&K MICHAŁ KAMIŃSKI from Krakow deals with:

– checking the credibility of contractors,

– checking the credibility of employees,

– detecting economic frauds,

– employee monitoring,

– economic intelligence,

– verification of employees,

– detecting unfair competition,

– recovery of economic receivables,

– detection of wiretaps

– security audit and monitoring of conference rooms, monitoring of hotels, restaurants, office spaces;

Today’s business depends not only on money, but also on smarts and reliable business partners or contractors. For the sake of the company, sometimes you should hire a private investigator to check and report back to you the information you need.

Our detective office from Krakow searches for people in a professional, fast and, above all, safe way. There are cases where the health and even life of the wanted person depends on every minute, so you should act quickly and decisively.