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We all associate wiretapping or GPS transmitters with crime films from the 90s. However, these activities are increasingly practiced among private individuals.

According to Polish law, no one can wiretap your home, car or office. We can only do it for our own needs and of course still within the limits of the law, e.g. catch a husband cheating, attach a transmitter to a dog or cat collar.

biuro detektywistyczne - prywatny detektyw Kraków

To ensure that a given surveillance device will be the right one and in the right place, it is best to seek the help of a private detective for this purpose. Detectives from the detective office work with such electronics on a daily basis and are very familiar with such equipment, so they can advise which one to choose, how and where to mount it.

When can a bug, GPS transmitter or camera be installed?

– to prove the betrayal of a partner,

– to locate a lost dog or cat,

– in the car in case of theft,

– in the office to catch an employee stealing,

– at home, when we have doubts whether the babysitter is taking good care of our children or sick parents;

An important role of a detective is to detect wiretaps and transmitters. If you suspect that spy devices may be installed in your immediate vicinity, it is worth contacting our agency run by private detective Michał Kamiński for help.