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The speed of life, high pace, often lack of rest leads to many problems, not only health. In particular, it leads to psychological and emotional abuse of employees, subordinates or co-workers. This phenomenon is called bullying.

Mobbing occurs mainly at work. It is where we spend the most time, and an overtired and neurotic person reacts differently to the smallest failure. Emotions then find an outlet in teasing others. There are also many people who use mobbing for “recreational” purposes.

The victim may be frustrated, troubled, afraid to admit it to his colleagues. Mobbing manifests itself not only in downing and psychological abuse, but also in commissioning additional, difficult and often unnecessary tasks.

biuro detektywistyczne - prywatny detektyw Kraków

The phenomenon of mobbing has also been included in the Labor Code, art. 94&2 with the following wording:

“Mobbing means actions or behaviors concerning an employee or directed against an employee, consisting in persistent and long-term harassment or intimidation of the employee, causing him to underestimate his professional usefulness, causing or aimed at humiliating or ridiculing the employee, isolating him or eliminating him from the team of colleagues.”

The injured person has the right to file a claim with the court and receive compensation from the offender. However, before submitting the application, he must first gather evidence.

How to recognize bullying:

– behavior along with various actions of the perpetrator are directed against the victim,

– the perpetrator acts for a long time,

– all actions of the perpetrator consist in harassment and intimidation of the victim,

– the perpetrator tries to ridicule the victim in the immediate environment;

Very often, people who have been harmed do not know and are even afraid to prove the perpetrator of mobbing. In such situations, it is best to outsource it to our detective office run by private detective Michał Kamiński. Our detectives who specialize in mobbing cases will help and prove that the principal is the victim.