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Economic intelligence is synonymous with safe business activity. This is a legal endeavor to obtain information about a business partner.

Licensed private detectives look for information, process it and make it available in the client’s report. The necessary information is searched for in the Central Register of Economic Activity, Court Monitor and the National Court Register, as well as on the basis of interviews with relatives or associates.

biuro detektywistyczne - prywatny detektyw Kraków

After collecting all the information, the detectives prepare a final report, which they discuss with the principal. On this basis, the principal can predict the behavior of the business partner, plan short and long-term activities. Thanks to the accurate information collected by the M&K MICHAŁ KAMIŃSKI Detective Bureau, unnecessary activities can be detected and eliminated.

Detective Office M&K MICHAŁ KAMIŃSKI offers you various types of interviews:

– business intelligence,

– personal interview,

– debt collection interview,

– detection of unfair competition;

Our detective office also offers an interview in accordance with the preferences and wishes of the client.